90 minutes

Prior to attending your consultations I will email you an indepth health questionnaire and diet diary. Please complete and return these to me no later than 3 days before your consultation date.

At the consultation I will take the time to investigate any symptoms you may have, finding out about your medical history, lifestyle, family history, current health concerns, any diagnosis and treatment you may be having or have had.

On completion I will email you within 24 hours with a detailed dietary, lifestyle and if necessary supplement protocol.

You will have email access to me in between consultations for any help or advise you may need.


Follow up


60 minutes

Ideally a client should have at least one follow-up consultation which will take place 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation.

The follow-up consultation will check over progress, any problems you may have had, any new symptoms which may have arisen and give the opportunity to make amendments to protocol should it be needed. Supplementation, if being taken, will also be reviewed.


Package 1


Initial Consultation and follow up

An initial consultation with a pre-booked follow up.

Saves £15 when combined together.


Package 2


2 follow ups

Save £10 by booking 2 follow ups after the first initial consultation.